Saturday, 12 September 2009

New York, naturellement.

Fast, frantic, humid, expensive, skyscrapers, cupcakes, breathtakingly wonderful.

Amazing views when the sun was high in the sky...
...which carried on even when it was rainy and grey.
These tickled my fancy - particularly the one in the fabric district for all the Mr M's out there.
The food was scrumptious - mwoh. I'd recommend popping into these - The Red Cat, Spitzers, Grand Central Oyster Bar and The Campbell Apartment for a whisky on the rocks.
Proof that there is nature outside of Central Park.
Well, I couldn't pop over the pond and not share some snaps from our trip to the Big Apple in July. Thank you for all of your tips. We tried to cram in as many as possible - we walked miles and miles. I knew Purl was small but wasn't prepared for just how small and, quite frankly, gave up. Union Square farmer's market was fantastic and I was in my element when we stumbled across M J Trim. I now have some rather brilliant ribbons thanks to a very patient Mr M.

It feels like a lifetime ago.


  1. Wow! what great photos, It looks a wonderful place, It is on my list of places I'd like to go.
    PS where/how do you do your mosaics? they are rectangle!

  2. Great photos - it brought back lots of memories of our trip. Such a wonderful place!

    One question. On your rainy and grey pictures what is the furry thing in the bottom left photo? Mr P and I can't decide if it's a dog or that they now have cute bears wandering round Central Park! x

  3. Wow the photos look brilliant - I love the one with the bug on the window and the view behind.

    And you went to the Magnolia Bakery! Very jealous.

  4. Looks like the most glorious trip! And fabulous pictures, too!

    I actually used the stripe-y ribbon on the left when I made tote bags for my Rainbows unit last year. Great minds think alike :)

    K x