Sunday, 13 September 2009

O is for outdoors

The great outdoors. How Mr M and I craved the outdoors in our old flat when all we had was a fire escape. The garden in our current abode was the deciding factor. It's what makes it our home. Welcome to our great outdoors.
Can you guess what the topiary will be one day?
Quite excited about the driftwood bull rush on the left - I bought it at Wisley's flower show on Friday. Very useful for prodding people along the paths...
Setting seed, alium bulbs being planted and purple kohl rabi to be eaten. Autumn has well and truly set in.
The bottom of the garden. Often referred to as 'the wilderness' - home to the compost and leaf bins, frogs, newts, nasty mosquitoes, the hedgehog and just one of the many entrances to the fox den.
Treats for our feathered friends.
The sedum is starting to flower giving some much needed blush to the garden.
The hydrangeas are moving into their vintage phase. Having been so vibrant earlier in the year, they are gently fading.

What a lovely week off we've had. Can't believe it's almost Monday already.


  1. Oh how I long for a garden. Our flat has a nice view over a pond and grass, but it's not the same thing at all. And I love the idea of the hydrangeas entering their 'vintage phase'... K x

  2. Living in a flat sucks.

    We pondered about gardens when we were looking for somewhere to rent and it part of the grand house vs flat debate. We went for a flat that was bigger than most houses and closer to town for my work and the motorway for the boyfriend's work and gave up the garden.

    We were fools!

  3. wow -gorgeous photos - what a bright and colourful entry - i'm stuck in bed with a cold but I'm yearning for the garden now! xxx

  4. Lovely photos! Yes, autumn is certainly here but I'm quite happy as I like this season. Your garden looks great - it's so nice to have your own space.

  5. Vintage hydrangas! That's exactly the look I'm wanting for my wedding flowers. Fading hydrangas and dusky pink roses!

    Lovely pictures today! x