Tuesday, 22 September 2009

X marks the spot

The funny thing about doing this alphabet is that you start to get word freeze - particularly with the tricky little letters towards the end. On my train journey this evening, I was trying to think of all the X words I know.

Hmm. X-ray. X-youknowwhat, xerox, xenophobe... Pretty slim pickings. Oh dear.

Not to be deterred, I thought I'd cheat and see what the dictionary had to offer. A whole load of words which, quite frankly, I have never heard of and would suggest that I am actually rather more intellectual than I actually am. That said - did you know that a xerophyte is a clever way of saying cactus.

Oh, and that quite a few of us fall under the slightly more positive category of xenophile for admiring 'foreign styles, manners and people' a la The Sartorialist and Little Brown Pen.

p.s. I'd forgotten that I had become a little obsessed with signage and letters in New York in the hope that I could collect shots of the entire alphabet. Started to struggle, got distracted, long forgotten - but am tempted to complete the collection. Oh, and the colour match was an absolute fluke!


  1. I'd been waiting to see what you would do with X! Must be the trickiest one, so now the last two will seem easy :) K x