Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Y is for...

The year so far - and still 3 months to go!
Recycling t-shirts into yarn - project yet to be decided, although thinking it might make a nice little rug.
Feeling yucky - I am so full of cold it's revolting. Funnily enough - no photo... I really hope I can get rid of it before Mr M returns from way beyond yonder.

You - thank you for dropping by and leaving such lovely, witty comments over the last couple of weeks. Can you believe tomorrow is the last letter?


  1. What a fantastic year you have had. Not sure the novice bit of the blog name is correct any more. I've been doing the domestic bit for the last 17 years and you seem to knock spots off it all the time.:0)) Well done! Fancy giving me lessons????

    How wide did you cut your tee-shirt yarn? I have loads that I don't want to chuck away. Can't wait to see what you make with it.

    Thank you for your nice reply.

    Take care

    Colette x

  2. Noooooo!
    Reverse up, quickly. Back to A as soon as possible.
    (Hope that you feel better soon)

  3. I woke up terribly coldy this morning, too--bah! Hope you're feeling better very soon.

    And such wonderful t-shirt yarn. What a super idea. Agree you might have to change your name: you're just too competent to be a novice!

    K x

  4. You and me both - full of cold that is!! I am totally fed up with it now, but am trying to merrily soldier on, well as merry as a person can be when there head is full of snot!

    take care and thanks for popping by and saying 'Hi' - 'Hello' in return,

    Nina x

  5. Love the mosaic - so creative and pretty! Sorry to hear you have a cold - I'm a little worried about my health today. Cannot afford to get ill but really must register with the doctor and book an appointment...that is an interesting concept to make t-shirts into did you make the yarn?!

  6. I feel a bit left out. I don't have a cold! Although I'm a bit worried about the fact that cold season might be starting.

    Can't believe you've made it all the way through the alphabet.

    What's next?!

  7. Oh, wow! That t-shirt yarn is fantastic! What a wonderful idea!