Sunday, 15 November 2009

What a pickle!

Why hello there. Hope you've had a lovely weekend. So sorry for being rather aloof of late. Long hours have meant neglect in all corners of my little world. The laptop has sat tucked up in its little case, my hair hasn't been cut for god knows how long and I am no further along in the brick of the book that I embarked on two months ago! Well, enough is enough. Long hours can happen no more. Because we have a new family member.
This is Pickle. We picked her up from the rescue centre yesterday. As you can see, she seems to have already settled in and found her spot on the sofa. She's a little purrer and seems quite content lounging about - apart from her mad 5 minutes earlier this evening.

I must admit, 36 hours into cat ownership, that it's far more demanding than I thought it would be. She categorically does not like the litter tray liners. Period. We've screwed the bookcases and CD racks to the wall, but all signs are pointing to the fact that we should probably have taken down the curtains. The table lamp nearly went south during her mad moment, she is a fan of tapestry wool and the bedroom is in a state as it now contains everything that was in the sitting room - the joy of living in a flat!

But what about Blue? Now, what I didn't mention back in September was that Blue had moved away. It was so sad. We'd known him since he was a little kitten. Being in the garden hasn't been the same without him hurtling through the hedge. And if it hadn't been for him, we might not have ended up with our own little puss cat with jelly bean toes. Have a great week!


  1. Good news. Now your house has become a proper home. It's impossible to achieve this without a cat (or three!).

    Keep us posted, won't you.

  2. Ha love the jelly bean toes!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love her! And we used to have a cat called Pickle too.

    I'm so jealous. I was cat-sitting for my Mum for a week and a half and they went back home on Friday and I've been missing them so much ever since.

    Fred used to love climbing the curtains - he has grown out of it though so there might be hope!

  4. Hey! Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about Blue but hurray for a home for Pickle! Sounds like she is settling in puuurfectly! And her name suits her - getting into lots of pickles!! Fiesty cute little sweetie! xxx

  5. Yup - new cat ownership is a steep learning curve!

    We discovered on Sunday, that one of ours likes squeezing out through the upstairs window and dancing on the ledge. Which wouldn't matter, if she wasn't such a klutzy cat. I predict a dash to the vet at some point in the not too distant future.

  6. Cuuuuuute!! Aw sis you're all grown up

  7. Fluffy Cat says that Pickle is very cute and looks like lots of fun.

    (I agree, and love the name too!) x