Sunday, 1 November 2009

It's that time of year

A colourful rug spread out over the garden from the kitchen step to the old tree stump.
Tan, orange, yellow, green and brown. Some little, some large and some as big as our heads.

After some serious rake action, we could finally see the lawn again.
But not for long. The golden glow has returned again, thanks to last night's storm.


  1. I raked yesterday too - wasn't that a waste of time?!

  2. Wow - that must have required a serious amount of rake action.

    I started on our patio this morning before heading out to work. That's easy. I'm just not looking forward to climbing into the beds to get the leaves out! x

  3. Ah I love the leaves as they fall but it is probably wise to sweep them away into piles for kids to play in... xxx

  4. that is some serious rake action!

    we also raked... living in the shadow of a great horse chustnut... happy autumn!

  5. Last year my husband spent every weekend "hoovering". He would get furious on a Saturday, when he would see the garden in daylight for the first time all week, only to find the lawn covered again!

  6. Hope you're ok and not buried under a big pile of leaves (or work paperwork!)

    PinkCat x