Sunday, 17 January 2010


This last week has whizzed by. A week of difficult journeys to work, a garden resembling Narnia and a flat covered with little muddy footprints following the thaw.

We took a little jaunt last weekend to soak up some culture at the V&A with the Maharaja exhibition. How I love that place. I haven't been there for years, and I have no idea why not. It's brilliant. For one thing, the shop. It is fortunate that Mr M was there to steer me away from the beautiful jewellery - I have completely fallen head over heels for Becky Crow's designs. The exhibition itself was fascinating. The jewels were breathtaking - diamonds and emeralds the size of quail eggs - and the history, particularly the involvement of the East India Trading Company, rather sobering.

Image - Turban jewel brooch, £20, Victoria and Albert Museum


  1. I'm sure G would have been trying to steer me away from the jewelry as well! Really looking forward to the upcoming quilt exhibition...

    K x

  2. My mum loves that museum, so we try to go whenever she's over - Especially love the cafe, it's so beautiful in there!

  3. Don't get me started on the muddy footprints - I finally did the 'post thaw mop' of the kitchen and utility room today. Two buckets of filthy water later, and I'm still not convinced the floor is really clean.

    Would have been much more fun to go to the V&A...

  4. Oh, how lovely, a weekend at the V&A! I was lucky enough to live a stones throw from there for a few years growing up. And did you know they have a quilt exhibition starting in March?