Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A lonely lemon

All the way from Sicily, picked by the lovely people behind Corte dei Signori who are regulars at our local farmers' market. We've been buying their olive oil for the past two years and it is delicious. The lemon has been sitting by the microwave looking rather forlorn waiting for Mr M to use it. A lemon cake may be on the cards. I've never made one, not having ever had the need thanks to my citrus allergy, and can imagine that being unable to lick the bowl will perhaps be the worst type of culinary torture, but you never know...


  1. Fits right in with the yellow theme! And I didn't know you had a citrus allergy. I must admit I'd really miss lemon cake...

    K x

  2. Shame about the allergy. I love lemons, be they in cake or a G&T!

  3. WOW...I have never heard of a Citrus Allergy...that can't be easy.
    GREAT photo!