Monday, 1 March 2010

A tale of naughtiness

A cry of dismay from Mr M outside
A quick check on plasters before braving said outside
A sudden realisation that plasters won't help this mini massacre

At all
A moment to marvel at the vivid colour that has been exposed

Before agreeing, that yes, the 2010 war on the furry grey squirrels has begun and a cup of coffee would be lovely.

p.s. I am a little behind with emails and comments, please bear with. Sorry.


  1. Curse the grey squirrels. Perhaps you can try and train Miss Pickle to chase them off? Then again I spotted one digging in our herbs the other day, whilst the cat lazed on the sofa and did nothing. Not quite pulling his weight on the pest control that cat. Ho hum.

  2. The squirrel ate the flower? I didn't know they ate those too?! Bad naughty beasts! xxx

  3. What a naughty squirrel! Miss Pickle needs to spring into action! x