Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spring clean

Armed with brushes and old clothes, we finally started work on the kitchen at the weekend. Nothing too drastic - just a lick of paint to make everything look just a little brighter for Spring (and prospective buyers). And do you know what, even with only half the room done, it already does. Funny how you always put these things off until the end, with the line 'why did we wait so long?'.

What are you going to be sprucing up this Spring?
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  1. Have I missed something? Are you moving? I'm in a big spring clean mood at the moment. I just keep wandering round the house and seeing unfinished jobs and repainting that needs to be done. A home never really is finished, is it? Then there's the garden...!

  2. Hopefully, the mister will get round to finishing painting the staircase and landing. Now that the snow's gone, it's clear that the garden needs a complete revamp, too!

  3. hello! thanks for dropping by, so glad unhappy hipsters made you laugh.

    it's always the way, we get all those jobs done just before we move and then wish we'd done it sooner so we could have enjoyed it ourselves.

  4. Buh to the kitchen, I am going to spruce myself up for Spring... Hair, nails, furry bits, the works. High time for a mini EM.O.T. Love the blog TDN, keep the delish recipes coming, x