Sunday, 7 March 2010

Marching along

Why hello. What a wonderfully productive weekend we have had. As the sun poured through the windows, warming the flat and our cold bones, Mr M cracked on with the DIY and I set about going through our ever growing piles of filing. Tedious but necessary. I hope you accumulate as many empty envelopes as we do. Much time was spent annoying Miss P as she basked in the sun on the doorstep (and the front of the house and the sofa and the bed etc...) increasing her static electricity, and her irritation.

What did you get up to?

As you can see from the photo, the trees along our road have been pollarded and look rather silly. That said, the pigeons are loving the stumps - larger perches than the usual lime twigs that they have to battle with - and the road has been filled with light. On a clear evening, the stars seem brighter than usual.

I finally tried a flat white - the advertising campaign for this has been relentless of late. And I don't even like milky coffee. To quote the Guardian article - The difference, they say, is that unlike other milky coffees such as lattes there is only a small amount of heated – but not frothed – milk blended into three small shots of espresso to give a "velvety, smooth texture".

It does amuse me that whilst I work in Marketing, I am a true Marketer's dream. Packaging rocks my world. The Waitrose own brand, particularly the pastel, sugary colours of their baking range, ticks all the right boxes. And it's a sad, but true fact that I have always judged a book or a bottle of wine by it's cover. If it looks dull, it's unlikely to pass go. One of our regular tipples is Chat-en-Oeuf. Because it has a line drawing of a cat on an egg. Oh my. Fortunately, it also tastes quite nice and is frequently on offer.

As we popped out today to pick up DIY supplies, I grabbed the opportunity to nip into Boden and try on some of the 20-something items that I had tagged in the catalogue. Annoyingly they only had a few of the items in store, but it did convince me that these will go rather well with that green dress for Miss C's July wedding. Shame about the 10 week wait! These are also fabulous. Although don't exactly 'go' with bright green. The red may just result in me looking like an out of season Christmas tree. Do you think tinsel would be too much? My heart has however been well and truly stolen by this. *Sigh*.

Hope you had a great weekend too!

Oh...and I liked the flat white so much so that I had two this weekend. Tsk, tsk. I may as well buy some Costa shares and get something back - as opposed to their 'loyalty' card - £1 = 5 points. 1 point = 1p...
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  1. So impressed with all your DIY-ing and spring cleaning. We really need to get into gear here! But are you moving soon? Oh my.

    The first time I tried a flat white was at Flat White in London when they first opened. After making a big effort to go (having read a write-up in the Financial Times) my friend Gina and I had to ask at the counter what a flat white actually was--very embarrassing!