Monday, 12 April 2010


My immune system has been waving a little white flag. I've been exhausted of late and it's nice to know why. Time for some early nights.
I couldn't resist gathering some of the white cherry blossom today. They have been gently tumbling onto the lawn like snowflakes, aided by the not so pleasant breeze. Brr. After the glorious weekend we've just had, it's easy to forget that it's only April.


  1. Such beautiful photos, have a peaceful nights sleep.
    Bertie x

  2. What beautiful photos. So much tranquility here.

    Here's to early nights.. hope you're feeling more chirpy again soon.

  3. Lovely photos! Hope you feel less exhausted after a few early nights, that usually does the trick. I always feel better when the weather is warmer so heres to a warm April and a scorcher Summer(fingers crossed) X

  4. What beautiful photos. Hope you're feeling 100% again soon. K x