Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Oh Barcelona. How we love you. Your cheap cava, tasty tapas and surprising sunny, balmy days when we had all packed for dreadful rain. Your late nights and even later mornings. Your slightly downtrodden Rambla del Raval where we stayed and caused us to take a deep breath when we first arrived at our front door. Your drainy odour which permeates budget apartments and expensive hotels alike. Your tourist traps and local wonders. Your hangovers are a killer but you are still one of my favourite cities to visit.

The drinks
The tapas
The picnic at Parc GuellThe sites
The sea
The panoramic view
The view from our balcony
We'll be back.


  1. What wonderful photos! I do like Barcelona, we made the mistake of going when it was too hot, and found walking anywhere a struggle, but it is a cool place isn't it. Your dress from your previous post is GORGEOUS! Love the colour and style, will you model it for us one day? Would be lovely to see it on. Love Vanessa xxx

  2. The beautiful language and sunshine filled days, oh I really want to travel someplace right now... great photos.