Monday, 12 July 2010

At my house...

...the post-holiday washathon is taking place
...we've lost the pegs
...there is clean washing to put away
...the mosquito bites are being zapped with some super-duper antibiotic cream
...I have a fresh cafetiere decaff coffee in my hand
...Miss P has almost forgiven us for putting her in the c.a.t.t.e.r.y. and is fast asleep
...Radio 4 rumbles in the background until talk of the economy, general doom and the like comes on has pretty much returned to normal

Pop over to Lou Lou's to play along...


  1. Life goes on! It can sometimes be both the best and worst thing about returning home after a holiday.

  2. An ordinary end to a lovely holiday - well, lovely despite the bites. I hope you can find lots of nice in the ordinary this week.

    Thanks for joining in with 'at my house'. Lou.

  3. Lovely post...always strange to return and find things just as you left them.