Sunday, 11 July 2010

The view

There have been many wonderful views this past week in Devon. The above* isn't quite that of the spectacular sweeping Jurassic Coast, though the knees are knobbly enough to be mistaken for a Triassic-y rock formation, but it is similar to the view that I have at the moment from the sofa thanks to seven, yes 7, mosquito bites on the back of my knee that have now merged into one huge, throbbing swollen mass. Oh, and 5 more on my left leg. And the annoying part? They all arrived within 6 hours of being home. Call it karma - I was feeling a little smug about not getting bitten on holiday whereas Mr M wasn't so fortunate with the horseflies. Gah. Mr M has very sensibly popped me on the sofa with an ice pack and a stool - a clever way to get his hobbling, huffing wife out of the way of the football.

*Comfortable, unattractive, Velcro sandals - best £12 spent ever! Rock clambering, mud sliding, estuary walking, pebble stomping, water sploshing footwear. Brilliant.
**That's mud on my left leg from Mr M's stomping across the mud flats - nothing nasty
***The red nail varnish is now even more chipped - I can't get the lid off the darn bottle!

[For goodness sake! I was just about to hit publish and a little tiny fly flew into my eye. Seriously? Really not funny. And I have my glasses on. Am going to go and sulk in the bedroom with my book. This battle is not over...]


  1. Poor you. I spray myself with repellant before going to bed. Very attractive but works!!

    Hope it gets better soon..Roll on Autumn I say!!

  2. Poor you - I got bitten by every insect and it's mother when I lived in Suffolk, and went through Anthisan by the bucketfull. It's not fun at all. I'm now finding vit B supplements seem to work - nothing's bitten me this year (so far, touch wood!).