Friday, 23 July 2010


[Booties made for little Miss B who now lives in Shanghai]

My friends are having babies left, right and centre. There are 4 due this Autumn and another has just announced twins. I'm expecting the wave of number two announcements to start in December.

As you know, I always try to make a little something. I like to think that for some it might become an heirloom. That does sound awfully big headed. It's not meant to. There's just something magical about an item being passed down through the generations - a tradition which for some is dying out.

I've been trying to source plain organic cotton baby grows to embroider*. Whilst the 7 for £10 on the high street is great from a thrifty perspective, the manufacturing process probably isn't. I was never really swept up in the Primarni wave, even when I worked 3 minutes away from their flagship store, but my wardrobe does consist mostly of a certain American chain with their distinctive navy brand. Food for thought, I guess.

And whilst I may not be a parent yet, when it comes to dressing little ones, I must confess that I'm most definitely in the classic camp. Not the knitted romper suit and matching pants of the 1930s mind you, more the bright, simple outfits that some brands have managed to get spot on.

As I searched the web, I came across Organics for Kids who don't supply blanks, but do have the most beautiful range of clothes. I've always loved Breton stripes but just check out their take on the classic look. I am absolutely smitten with the coat! It's very similar to the smock coat in Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss.
I was also having a rummage on the Liberty website, taking a look at their new Japan inspired fabric - I think these are my favourite.

Clockwise from top left; Pauly Parrot D, Winter Thistle C,
Winter Stem B, Isla Rose C, Yoshie D and Winter Thistle A]

I do struggle with Liberty - I like the brand, the heritage and designs, but I find the haberdashery department frustrating and their beautiful fabrics so expensive.

Anyhoo - hoorah for the weekend. I've got just enough time to track down some biodegradable confetti (aka flower petals) for the festivities this weekend and perhaps some new nail varnish for my toes as the Extreme Blackcurrant colour was a little on the Goth side. What are you up to? Fingers crossed for sun!

*I'm struggling to find one, so if you know of a good one - do share! Many thanks!

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  1. Got a link for organic bamboo

    Organic cotton

    Love your blogs and I am with you on the classic kids...although I just throw whatever on my boys as they just DESTROY it!!!