Thursday, 22 July 2010


What a grumpy, grey day it is today. Miss C and I were having a lovely pre-wedding coffee, sitting outside a cafe, when the heavens opened and we had to beat a hasty retreat inside. We made light of the passing shower and focused on the 24C that is forecast.
Miss P has decided that the only thing to do on a wet day is to curl up in a ball on her favourite cushion and have a good old snore. I think a cake may be in order to go with some heartwarming tea. And perhaps a splash of yellow...
I've spent the last hour setting up a Knit and Natter group on our WI website, although I've had to rename it Craft and Cackle because it's become all encompassing due to the skilled bunch that we are. I was hunting for some links to get everyone started and stumbled across this advert for a new magazine called Making. Had you heard about it? I hadn't - but then my craft-dar hasn't been tuned recently.
Looking at the front cover, I'm rather hopeful...please let it be the UK version of Marie Claire Idees. Pretty please. The media pack did make me smile -

SHE LOVES...making projects for friends and family, and then taking time to wrap it beautifully to make the perfect present. SHE doing craft projects give her a creative outlet. She likes to personalise her projects and has a strong individual style. SHE IS...creative and interested in numerous crafts. She likes using different techniques and materials to create individual projects for her home.

Righty-ho, I'm off to bake me a cake. Lots of eggs from the farmers market, you see, and there are only so many omelettes and scrambled eggs one can eat. Well, that's my excuse...along with the many lovely posts about tea and cake which have been making me hungry. Evidence A, Evidence B and Evidence C.


  1. Wonderful! I want cake now and I am on pre-wedding diet :(
    Maybe I should ask Santa for the secret to staying slim whilst still eating all ones fave things ;)

  2. Excellent excuse to make a cake. I love your photos too!

  3. That looks like an interesting magazine, I'm off to check out the website now!