Friday, 16 July 2010


Miss P and I are really rather bored of the gusts that are whipping up a frenzy outside. The giant London Plane and Lime trees that line the garden are merrily depositing their leaves and branches all over the place whilst the Crocosmia is looking positively seasick.
Miss P has taken to sleeping inside, paw over head to block out the noise, as I work on the laptop and warm my hands on a mug of coffee. I'm so pleased that I picked up the ingredients for dinner early this morning before the wind had gained pace, as it really does make you want to hunker down and draw the bolt on the front door.

Come rain or shine, we're going to our local farmers market tomorrow morning to stock up on Giggly Pig sausages and catching up with an old friend. Mr M is champing at the bit to go on a bicycle ride on Sunday - I'm not so keen if it's going to be soggy...

What have you got planned?


  1. aww, what a sweet, sweet kitty. hope you find some lovely and delicious treats and the farmers market!!

  2. Awww the weather changing is awful isn't it? I actually bought a Christmas Character pattern yesterday book as the weather is reminding me of that seasonal time of year!!!
    I am vegging today with crochet and knitting :)