Friday, 16 July 2010

Holiday games

Scrabble is our usual evening game of choice when we're all on holiday together. Wordz comes a close second. We only managed one game of scrabble this time (check out 'skiving' - my first go, all seven letters = a gazillion points) for Mum and Dad introduced us to an incredibly addictive game that I haven't played since I was little. Dominoes. Love it. Fast paced, unpredictable and not too affected by wine.


  1. I LOVE SCRABBLE! Such a great game. But yes, the wine does impair function somewhat...
    Have never heard of Wordz, I must check it out. Articulate is another favourite of mine. And, last Christmas, we transitioned to poker, actually. Definitely a game best served with wine...
    Games make me happy.

  2. Brilliant, I love scrabble too! only whenever i play with my mum in french, all i can think about are english words, and vice versa when I play with my boyfriend, so i have to say i'm pretty rubbish unfortunately! still enjoy it though!

  3. You must try Banagrams (or Banaramas, as my dad calls it) - uses scrabble tiles for a speedy, stressy game. Hugely addictive and comes in a gorgeous little banana pouch.

    And Upwords is Scrabs but you can build upwards, too. Oh the fun!