Tuesday, 20 July 2010

An early start

For the first time in ages I woke up before 7. More accurately, I woke to the song 'I'll be there for you' - which was a most pleasant way to wake. Although it did take me a couple of moments to realise that apparently the Jackson Five first sang it and not New Kids on The Block as I had always thought. Ahem. I appear to still know all the words.

Days that start early always feel productive. I've been ploughing through my list. I even went for a swim - one of the many benefits of a working-from-home Mr M (due to the car situation) is that he has guest passes for his gym. I refuse to pay £86 per month, so one swim a month will do me just fine for now. I am now fighting the urge to reward such good healthy behaviour with something bad and chocolatey.

It's probably the heat, but I am finding the afternoon plays on Radio 4 rather depressing. Deary me - not exactly conducive to helping one keep their chin up when job hunting. It's up there with the 'read me to get depressed' book section that certain high street bookshops have. Don't even get me started on the World at One and The Money Programme. I much prefer my la la approach to unemployment figures, thankyouverymuch. Wouldn't it be glorious if the Persephone Bookshop had their own channel where their books were read aloud? Now, that would be most pleasing.

One or two more pleasing things for a Tuesday -
  1. I've never been to a proper festival. I'd love to cut my teeth on Vintage at Goodwood which I've been eyeing with envy for the past couple of months. I got my John Lewis newsletter today and spied 20% off tickets for those of you who are quick and buy your tickets before the 9th August! Just quote VINJLN10. I want to go glamping!
  2. I am in love with this donkey fabric by Scarlet Fig. I love it. If money were no object, I would buy enough to have as the backing on my future, currently mythical, quilt.
  3. I may have to make this quilt for one of the many offspring due this Autumn - found via Whip up.
  4. Our flat smells lovely - there are lamb shanks in the oven and talk of a cherry/redcurrant clafoutis.
  5. The car will be mended - hopefully by the end of next week.
  6. I'm thinking of selling some postcards of my photos and perhaps some bags. Would you be interested? For those of you already selling your wares, did you set yourself up as a sole trader or limited company? Oh the decisions!
Right - dinner is calling. Have a lovely evening. Another Devon fix tomorrow - and we haven't even gone South yet!


  1. Yeah for early starts! I am always more motivated when I manage to get up early. And currently being one of the greater unemployed I seem to have more get up and go anyway.

  2. Oh the beauty of wanting to reward yourself for doing something good like swimming with something chocolaty and decadent. Or even better when you think to yourself about how healthy you've eaten so maybe something chocolate and decadent is in order before bed. Or maybe thats just me.

  3. I love your blog!
    I'm all for rewarding good behavior with a bit of naughtiness.

    I'm an early riser,especially in summer so can relate to that feeling of accomplishment. It is a good one.

    Good luck with the job search.