Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Miss P is very keen on sticks. Size, shape or type do not matter, but she most definitely does not share. At all. Which is unfortunate because our neighbours cat, Scamp, likes sticks almost as much as Miss P. We believe Scamp has special stick playing hearing.
A big ball of fluff, she will come hurtling out of nowhere intent on catching the stick, forgetting about the consequences and the sharpness of Miss P's claws. Often Scamp is removed from the stick session by being held whilst the game continues or by being popped on top of the shed. She is not a particular fan of either. There have been occasions when we have resorted to 2 sticks and many more when Miss P has got plain sulky and the moment of stick play has passed.
Yesterday, Miss P and I had 10 minutes of uninterrupted stick play before Scamp arrived. Miss P was in heaven.


  1. Lol! At least she doesn't have to share it with a dog. It's great for their claws though, don't you think?

    My parents cat (Miss Holly Poppet) could play with a stick, or a long piece of grass for that matter for hours. We were in their garden last weekend and it didn't seem the same without her to play with. x

  2. My Bob use to like playing with sticks too!
    Lovely photos.