Friday, 6 August 2010

Be still my beating Boden heart

Oh Boden. How did you guess that I would quite like to bike along the Amsterdam canals this Autumn, have a weekend or two in the country and linger in my studio? And be decked out in pretty Autumnal hues and thick woollen tights? And that I am rather partial to stickers? You have obviously bugged my flat and listened to my ramblings.

These three dresses would go rather well with my brown boots.And the colder days will clearly require a knit or two - striped obviously.
And yes, I'd like a colour-ordered library.
Oh, and the funds to buy them with. Five minutes of escapism with a cup of coffee will just have to do.


  1. I know!

    And yet, Boden, how can you still be so delusional as to think I can spend $140 on a jersey dress? :(

  2. I love Boden too. Every time I get my catalog I sit and fantasize what I would be doing while wearing my favorite outfits. Of course I also tend to let myself believe I'm also looking just like those models that seem to be having so much fun with their long hair flinging about.

    Dreaming is fun though. sigh

    Great post!

  3. tell me about it...have just spent the avo curled up with the boden and white company catalogues salivating over cashmere...x