Sunday, 8 August 2010

Fancy a cheeky craft?

Our new local has been taken over by my WI. Not only is it home to our monthly get together (having grown too big for the cocktail bar), it's become the meeting place for book clubs, committee meetings and now the craft group.
I'm not too sure what the bar staff thought last week when they saw us pull out our various crafts of choice - from bags of knitting to a sewing box cunningly disguised as a Trivial Pursuit box.
I discovered that knitting and chatting is great fun but not wildly productive - I managed just two rows. And that there is safety in numbers when it comes to public crafting. Oh, and that I can still drink and knit - although that could explain the productivity levels...
[Box of tapestry wool - Charity shop find, 50p]

Our next craft get together is going to be an Innocent Big Knit Night - an easy hat pattern for beginners (yet small enough to be unravelled numerous times without losing too much heart) and some not so easy patterns for the more advanced among us. And for those who have an aversion to hooks (oh yes, you can also crochet a hat) and knitting needles, they can sew up and embellish the hats as they come off the production line.

It's thanks to this, a little trip to Knit Nation and an unexpected present (which I still haven't photographed yet), that I've picked up my knitting needles again. And do you know what? I'm so very pleased to be casting on again. It's been a while old friend.


  1. Your wool is a lovely find. And knitting in the pub sounds perfect!

  2. We've just started a weekly craft group in our teeny village hall...and although I always seem to talk far more than make anything, it is fast becoming the most charming 2 hrs of the week! Good luck with the hat x

  3. Ooh crewel wool. I once bought `the New Crewel from Amazon. It is full of gorgeous designs but I don't know where to start...

  4. It sounds like such good fun! Well done on outgrowing your original venue. The WI must be THE place to be! x

  5. I was never very productive in my knitting group either! But it was so much fun. And always great to see what other people were working on. K x