Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Weeks seem to be flying by, don't they? Whoosh, there goes Monday. Hello Tuesday. I really wish I had a pause button.

We had a jolly weekend. I found time to photograph my lovely present, we nosed around a local Antiques shop, and there was plenty of baking and making.

1. Baking
Cherry cake made with all of our PYO cherries using this recipe. Next time I will use a smaller tin and less cherries. Wonderful scent of almond and cherry jam.

2. Close up
The elderflower berries have started to hang like miniature bunches of cherries. The pigeons have been merrily tucking in oblivious to the cats licking their lips below.

3. The lovely present
The lovely Erika sent me this unexpected but oh so delightful bundle of goodies last week. My mother works for her and we had gone along to Knit Nation to catch up and say hello. The styling in Natural Nursery Knits is achingly beautiful. The twenty projects have a timeless quality about them which is so refreshing in a world where the garish and disposable prevail.

I often hear about the things that my mother is working on for Erika and it is just so lovely to see them in print. I think this has to be my favourite so far. And with lots of little ones due this Autumn, I really have no excuse for the needles to continue gathering dust.

4. Casting on
Ta daar! Knitted over the weekend - the boots from the book. They were just the thing to ease myself back into the land of knitting. I just love their little Ugg-ness. As everyone seems to be having little boys at the moment I thought I would stick to neutral colours and embellish once they start to arrive. I used Rowan All Seasons DK which is slightly heavier than the recommended DK. I'm still very much in the beginner group, which means I've probably knitted and unravelled more pairs than I ended up with, but am so pleased to say that I now know how to M1, P2tog tbl and sew a seam properly thanks to this little pair. I'm on a mission to fill up the present drawer with boots. Miss P came close to modelling them but wouldn't sign the release form...


  1. They are cute!
    the cake looks delicious though mmmmmmm

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  3. Such lovely, gorgeous things. Even if you feel like you don't have time, you seem to be using up every last second of the day. x

    PS: Do they show the boots in big people's size? x

  4. Your lucky mum working for Erika Knight!

    The little boots are so cute and so beautifully done. Maybe you'll be working for Erika Knight soon too?!

    K x

  5. Love those little boots. And the cake, of course.