Wednesday, 11 August 2010


The year that...

James Dean appeared in a Pepsi commercial launching his career
Disney's Cinderella appeared on the big screen
North Korea invaded South Korea, capturing Seoul
NATO was formed
The first Formula One Grand Prix was held at Silverstone
Attlee defeated Churchill in the general election
Rationing ended on petrol, soap, chocolate biscuits, treacle and jellies
The average house price was £1,940
Shirley Temple retired
The comic strip Peanuts was published
Uruguay won the World Cup
St Roch became the first ship to circumnavigate North America
The Peak District became Britain's first National Park
India became a republic
The Eagle comic was launched
And my Dad was born.

Happy birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad! Hope he enjoys his special day. I'm assuming there will be cake at some point! x

  2. What a great way to commemorate your dad. I think I will have to borrow that list idea from you for my own dad.

  3. What a great post, hope you dad has a lovely day.

  4. You must have found the same sites as me! I came up with a similar list of events when I mde a speech at my parents 60th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago.
    Love the inspired present - great idea.