Thursday, 12 August 2010

What do you get someone who has everything?

Not enough of a clue?

A row of vines of course...

I made him the card so that we had something to give him at the restaurant* last night, and popped it in a vine that we picked up from our local garden centre on Tuesday. The first 6 bottles will arrive next week.

I'd had this idea in mind for some time and am so pleased Pebblebed Vineyards popped up on Google. They have a great philosophy - it all started with a community vineyard project. How great an idea that is! Do you think Hampton Court golf course would donate some land for such an endeavour?

They're in Devon which is just perfect as it's the holiday destination of choice for my parents. And if that wasn't enough, Geoff and Anna also have Pebblebed House for holiday lets above their tasting cellar. Love it.

*We went to The Vanilla Pod to celebrate and it was lovely. My sea bass was delicious. Fantastic service. Great cheese board. Once home to T. S. Eliot, don't you know! Bet he didn't eat Blue Lagoon jelly from a shot glass!


  1. Oh what a perfect idea, might have to steal that for Hubbys birthday!

  2. Such a lovely idea. My parents were given an apple tree for Christmas and they thought it was a great present. I love the card too - it's beautifully drawn. I hope you get to enjoy a drop too! x

  3. This is the best idea! And your card is so beautifully illustrated.

    Must have a look at the website, as I know G would love this. And then maybe I could finagle some time in the holiday house as well :)

    K x