Thursday, 19 August 2010

A good morning hello

We've recently been sleeping through our alarms - it all started when we switched our radio alarm from Radio 4 to Radio 2. It appears that I am incapable of getting up halfway through a song. I can't help but lie there and listen, which often means that I fall back asleep. Naughty, bad habits! So, in our infinite wisdom, we decided to return to Radio 4 - lo and behold, I woke up at 7:06 and could have jumped out of bed. I say could because I didn't - you see, the bed had reached that wonderful, delicious, leg stretching, just right temperature which one is loathed to leave. Legs were finally shaken and a fresh coffee and slice of toast smeared with delectable blackcurrant jam the reward.

Aren't these Asters scrumptious? The little florist on the high street has been stocking them for the last couple of weeks and I've admired them each time I walk past. Their bright colours were just too lovely to ignore and I finally caved in. Helpfully the beautiful Larkspur had kindly dropped its last petals and was merrily composted to make way for these beauties. So pretty and so cheap. Talking of scrumptious, dinner last night certainly was. The winning dishes had to be Mr M's quail starter and my raspberry meringue tart with lavender ice cream. Yum. I could have had that pud for starter and main too.
I'm going to spend this morning enjoying the sun before, as Radio 4 informed me, it rudely disappears, marvelling at the delightful petal folds of the peonies that are struggling to hold their heads up high above my laptop (a lovely surprise from Mr M) and writing my ever-increasing to do list. Oh, and waiting for the gutter man to come - the joy of heavy rain!
Have a lovely day.


  1. What a lovely start to the day. For some reason the weather forecast stuck in my head too - rain coming in from Wales and the South West by lunchtime....grrr!

    We also made the swap from Radio 4 to Radio 2 back in January and I find it a lovely, cheerful way to start the day yet I don't want to leave the house when I'm supposed to at 9.10am. I think I'll have to go back to the gloomy tones of Radio 4 and catch up with Chris and the gang on Listen Again in the evenings. Perfect for doing household chores to, I think!

    Have a good day and make the most of the sun while it lasts. x

  2. i'm a total radio addict, i drive my husband nuts with radio 4 and going through a radio 4 phase and loving it. Anything to avoid that droning alarm noise in the morning!

  3. Once again absolutely gorgeous photos! Have been missing Radio 4 while I've been away. And you two are the ultimate dinner team.

    K x