Wednesday, 18 August 2010


My parents have a vegetable plot at the bottom of their garden. They are in the middle of a bumper crop of gherkins, courgettes and cucumbers. And their poor plum tree is groaning under the weight of fruit. Then there is the business of their heavily laden pear and greengage trees.

We came away on Sunday with a bag full to the brim with much of the above. The courgettes were on the large side, so I decided to make courgette soup. I was astonished to find that we did not have a recipe in any of the gazillion cookbooks that we own so ended up using this one - with far more garlic and a lot less mint than recommended.
It was so easy to make and we now have a vat of scrummy summery soup sitting in our fridge.
Just perfect for lunch on a slightly chilly August day with a big helping of grated vintage cheddar and the September issue of Country Living.


  1. You have chilly August days? Oh, I'm so envious.
    The soup looks delicious. Your parent's place sounds wonderfully abundant in all things good.

  2. Mmm.. sounds good, I had never thought of courgette soup before!

  3. That looks absolutely delicious, and all that cheese melting ummmm.

    Bertie x