Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Simple pleasures

An easy tray bake made at silly o'clock on Friday night for a picnic the next day. Sometimes water icing is all a cake needs.
Catching an elusive flower on camera and excitedly ringing Mr M to tell him.
Marvelling at how far Miss P has come since November.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful PicNic...it looks so pretty, and yes..a little icing and sweetness is all you need....
    I just back tracked on all the posts I missed whilst in the UK...How's the book going? I am looking for a new read.
    And the wedding? Any pics?
    Love the little blue embroidery you made for her...super cute!
    Anyway...I must be off, I have to frame those 2 portraits I finished yesterday.

  2. That cake looks yummy - simple can be so good!

    Miss P really is going up fast. I was looking at our Fluffy Cat the other day and she no longer seems to be the young cat that we first had. She seems to be wiser and more careful - but she's still our baby! x

  3. Cake looks scrummy...and dont forget the best thing about water and icing sugar is that someone (the chef) has to lick out the bowl afterwards...I'm still a kid when it comes to cake making.

  4. That tray bake looks particularly yum!