Monday, 20 September 2010

Show + tell

Poor Mr M had to put up with my mood most foul yesterday. You see, my stenciling success earlier in the year turned into abject failure yesterday afternoon leaving me with two ruined baby grows, fuchsia pink fingertips and a whole lot of grump - oh, and swearing. Lots of swearing. I really am an AWFUL perfectionist but only if it's Right First Time. Otherwise there is unhappiness. And sulking.

But all is fine. Because we've now got a Wii. And it's a great way to work off some grump!
We spotted it on special offer at the local supermarket and decided to cash in the old Nectar points - we had rather a few, you see. Mr M then dashed to a certain shop with a wad of vouchers courtesy of my credit card usage and returned with the Wii Fit board. Now - I am rubbish at exercise. I can't justify £80 per month on the local gym (I think it's royally rude that they are holding the nearest swimming pool ransom and don't offer a swimming only pass. Anyway...). And when I could (I know - gasp - but it was years ago in the run up to the wedding and it was on a check list) I didn't go very made for VERY expensive exercise classes when you did the Maths. £160 swim anyone? I walk everywhere, but it's not exactly a slog.

So, this purchase is very exciting and all the more so for our thriftiness in obtaining it. Obviously, it is still the honeymoon period for said new toy, but I've managed to put in 30 minutes of daily exercise since Mr M set it up on Saturday. It's surely only a matter of time before I'm asked to be a reserve for the ski jump, snowboard and hula hooping teams for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

And the BEST bit about Wii Fit? There is a section for your pets - so, Miss P has her own tortie Mii and is now tracking her weight. This sounds a little crazy but our Miss P has been on a calorie controlled diet since we got her in November as a result of her 'eating for 5' when she was in the rescue centre with her kittens and has to be regularly weighed by the vet. And now we can keep track of her weight in one place and not freak her out by trying to weigh her in the bathroom. Big wins all round.


  1. I have a Wii!! My honeymoon period is far behind me now and I would by lying to say that I exercise with it often. But I do use it regularly. Monday is wii-weigh-in day at our house and we check to make sue the little graph isn't going in the wrong direction. And to get some jip from the Wii Board for not spending enough time with him.

    Have fun with your new Wii. When you get bored of the basic game I recommend EA Games Wii Active (or something like that). It is a much more vigorous workout and much more fun and effective.

  2. I have the same inner perfectionist. So I know just what you mean. Sigh.

    And I would so so love a Wii! But I'm pretty sure we'd have to get a tele first...

    K x

  3. OOOO, I have one of those too! Never use it though.. I think the last time I did use it was 3 months ago. I constantly plan to start using it regularly, like once a week as my excercise, but I never actually go through with it.. Maybe I should give it another go.