Thursday, 16 September 2010

That to-do list is getting longer...

Babygrows for Baby R
Babygrows for Baby E
Woof commission for Master S
Save the date design for the lovely Miss L
Innocent hats - knit and sew, knit and sew
Wrap wedding present for the newlyweds Mr and Mrs F
Finish dishcloth which is becoming too nice too use
Turn the Ug into Hug - it'll be a year in October

What to cook for Mr and Mrs F tomorrow night
Business plans, ideas and ways to earn a crust
Over analysing everything at 3am is not productive
My new hair do could fall into the frump category if I'm not careful

Job hunt + everything that goes with it
Email correspondence
Blog posts - I Knit Weekender, Ham House, Raffle prize, WI...
Wrapping up belated presents of every kind
Washing up - appears we've used every plate, cup and spoon
Hoovering and cleaning the flat before guests arrive tomorrow
Local WI meeting and the various PR bits that go with it

This is just a taster - if I showed you my complete list including all the people I need to catch up with I would be tempted to draw the curtains and hide under the duvet.

Right - must dash. Things to do...

p.s. Aren't the gladioli stunning? Their flowers were as big as a side plate and lasted for 2 weeks. Thank you Miss H!


  1. Sounds very busy, but in a good sort of way! K x

  2. Beautiful flowers indeed! And what a list! A dishwasher could save you some time if you have space for one!! Well, it would tick off one of your many things to do at least!!

  3. Busy, busy! Good look with that long list.

    And love the glads. One of my favorite flowers. The photo itself is just beautiful.

  4. Numbers two and three in the 'thinking' list strike a chord with me!

    I think I need to sort my thoughts into lists again rather than the 'cloud' forms they're currently taking. I feel happier with lists.