Sunday, 26 September 2010

Some lovely things

A pair of lavender bags for the lovely Miss L - a very belated birthday present...

A delicious fairy cake and coffee here in aid of Macmillan Cancer.

A community brought together by the annual festival.

A trip to the cinema to see Eat Pray Love - contrary to reviews I found it to be a light hearted, feel good movie with luscious locations and Italian food which resulted in grumbling stomachs. Thank goodness we went to the afternoon showing. I had to make spaghetti when I got in.

A delicious lunch at Bill's in Reading to celebrate Miss L's engagement and a lovely surprise - I'm going to be part of the wedding party. All very exciting.

A lovely present from Miss L. So incredibly touching. I shall share tomorrow.

A very sulky Miss P who is missing Mr M. And it's only day two. Oh dear.


  1. I had no idea there was a Bills in Reading. Feel a little jaunt coming on....

    Thanks for the tip off!

  2. I've heard some cross things about Eat, Pray, Love. But I still fancy it.