Friday, 29 October 2010

A day with The Cake Boy

Last week, thanks to Mr M, I spent an entire day baking with The Cake Boy. A whole 7 hours of pure baking!
Under the watchful eye of one Mr Eric Lanlard (who is an absolute gem), five of us each made three delicious treats.

Gateau Breton 
- with a little silver sparkle
Made with apple and rum, this tasted divine. It was the cake that just kept going. Wrapped in foil, it got better and better. We were all very excited about the sticky spray and silver glitter. I still have slightly sparkly boots. I've also decided that I need an apricot glazing machine like Eric's. It makes everything look very professional!

Provencal Orange and Lavender cake 
- with a dash of gold leaf
Not a cake for me but, boy, it smelt amazing. I had to keep reminding myself not to lick the spoon. It looked really rather impressive by the time we'd finished 'artistically' plonking the candied orange slices on top. And all cakes need gold leaf. Fact. Mr M has decided that this is now his number one cake.

We downed wooden spoons for a scrumptious lunch which had been quietly simmering on the hob - a melt in the mouth red wine, beef, mushroom and lardon stew together with roast potatoes and broccoli. Oh, and a couple of glasses of rose. And an amazing chocolate pud - that was so incredibly rich that I could have done with a quick lie down on one of the comfy sofas in the cafe.

The final thing on the list was a Pear and Calvados Tart Tatin. I hadn't realised quite how ferocious Tart Tatins can be - very hot and spitty. It kept steaming up my lens, so there is no photo. All I can say is that it was rich in caramelised goodness. Creme fraiche on the side is a must. Nom.
With our goodies all boxed up and a signed copy of Eric's new book - Home Bake, I made my way home on the train looking as though I was off to a VERY important party. Such a brilliant day with some fascinating fellow chefs, including one lady who, along with her sister, has raised more than £250,000 for their local school over the years by selling their cakes and jam. Utterly inspiring.

Oh, and Home Bake is just lovely. The styling is beautiful and the recipes sound divine. I think I'm just going to have to work my way through it! Although I need to have a cake-free week or two first having pretty much single-handedly eaten the Gateau Breton.

And thank you for all of your lovely comments recently. I have been absolutely dreadful at responding - no offense intended, life has really just got in the way. However, I am pleased to report that decisions have been made and a new work wardrobe bought. My last office were very relaxed and jeans were pretty much the order of the day but I'm rather looking forward to donning a suit again and not blurring the home/work wardrobe. I have a start date and I met the rest of the new team for lunch yesterday. Cripes. I'm going to have to get used to an early start again - better get practising!


  1. Congratulations on your new job--how exciting! And it sounds like an amazing day of baking.

    K x

  2. What a great day. Excellent news about the job, too.

  3. How delicious they all look!

    All the best for your new job, enjoy having a swan about in your suit. I had to do the change from casual to smart a few years ago. Felt quite nice, any chance to wear a frock is rarity these days!

    Love Stephx