Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I took myself off for a little walk this morning. The sun was low in the milky blue sky bathing the street in gold and, with rain forecast for later in the day, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

The Council very kindly lay on Our Council Tax pays for leaf clearers, much needed thanks to the huge London Plane trees that line our roads, and I couldn't help but laugh at the huge pile at the end of our driveway just asking to be jumped on.
As I meandered along, I noticed hedges heaving with big, fat red, white and purple berries - all displaying their toxic colours with pride.
And I got to nose at a new house that has finally been unveiled - a little bit Grand Designs with wood panelling and huge windows - I'd feel as though I were on permanent display in a peculiar social experiment. Very Tilda.

There was a moment on my return when I thought that I might just rake up the beautiful golden leaves in the garden. And then it started to drizzle. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. You mean you didn't jump in?! K x

  2. Hello, this is my first comment on your fab blog. I was reading the comments about the spider in your bedroom, and I could kiss the lady who said that those sort jump. I was having a rather heated conversation about how spiders jump at my knitting group last week, and they laughed at me!!! I will be printing the comments out to take with me tomorrow.

  3. Sloes aren't toxic and neither are rose hips. You're missing out on a treat - get back out there and make some sloe gin!! ;¬)