Saturday, 16 October 2010

Mixing it up

Thank you for all of your marvellous jam comments. It's been rather hectic over here - interviews (hoorah), potential career changes and recruitment consultant juggling, all of which have resulted in very long lists.
With everything going on, I really needed to switch off today. I'm exhausted. Miss L, the bride to be, asked if I might possibly do her Save the Date card. She'd found a design that she loved but her budget couldn't stretch to an overseas designer, so she asked her 'usherette' - that would be me - to have a go.
I've been playing about with sketches and watercolours over the last couple of weeks, but today saw me bringing all the elements together for the final piece. I'd forgotten how absorbing painting can be. And the addition of Miss P on my lap really helped the straight lines*. I will be taking it with me tomorrow when I attend the first wedding dress shopping expedition as the official 'voice of reason' - I hope they have champagne. And I really hope she likes it.

*I'm not too sure about sharing the finished piece as it really is plagiarism at its finest. An homage, if you will...


  1. I would still so love to see it! It's been ages since I did any painting. K x

  2. Hello

    I've recently discovered you via I know-not-where (do you do that thing where you click on the 'who I'm reading' list in someone's blog and get magically transported hither and thither through blogloand?) Anyhoo, I was just reading back through some of your posts and I noticed you'd been to Bill's in Reading; as have I. Does that mean you live nearby? I'm on the Caversham side of Reading and used to live in Henley. Fear not, I won't stalk you!
    All the best