Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The view

We went down to Wiltshire at the weekend to visit my Grandpa and celebrate a somewhat postponed Christmas. We had such a lovely time - Christmas presents, crackers and family tales. This was our view as we ate lunch - a landscape that calmly moves from one season to the next, a reassuring constant for much of my life. Mr M spied the bouncing dots on the far right and we concluded that they must be early lambs. Sadly, the alpacas in Fonthill Bishop were no longer in their roadside field but the pigs were having a whale of a time in the mud just past the Stonehenge.

Talking of family, have you ever looked into your family tree?


  1. My mum does a lot of family tree research. I have to say it leaves me cold - I think its definitely a Marmite thing.

  2. I did quite a bit a few years ago. I found that once I started I just couldn't stop and it was a great thing for Mum and I to do together.

    It gets very expensive though once you start downloading census returns! x

  3. A wonderful thing to do, gives you an amazing appreciation of who you are and where you came from, coupled with a new found and very personal view on social history. It can cost money without a shadow of a doubt, but you can also access records for free in libraries or gain help from forums, and lots of people are always willing to help with advice or look ups in the records they have to save you time and money. It can be addictive though!