Thursday, 28 April 2011

Flowers in the City

It was Mr M's birthday yesterday and we went to see Frankenstein at the National Theatre, followed by dinner at Skylon. The performance was incredible - Benedict Cumberbatch played Frankenstein, and Jonny Lee Miller the Monster. Absolutely brilliant. With a nice dash of wit to lighten the dark tone. I was mesmerised by the scenery and even though I knew it was there, jumped with each toll of the bell. As we sipped our post-performance drinks looking out over Southbank we spied a couple of green beds teaming with Allium. I do love how, in all that grey concrete, a slice of green can keep even an urban honey bee happy.

I have been away from my laptop for far too long. I am dreadfully behind with email and blogs. I daren't log into Google Reader. I hope you are all well, wonderfully over-indulged with Easter chocolate cheer and have bunting-a-plenty for tomorrow. I have just uploaded 150 or so photos from my camera that have been piling up, digitally speaking. I'm almost ashamed to admit that my neglect has gone as far as forgetting my camera last weekend when we went to Cliveden. A cardinal sin. Particularly as we got utterly lost in the new, rather magnificent, maze. Mazes rapidly lose their fun when you can't find your way back out again, and is utterly magnified when you find your way out and realise that you never actually made it to the middle.
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  1. Hello - so glad you are well and ok.

    Just enjoy life and relax when you're not busy. We'll all be here when you want to write more. x

  2. Found your blog via petit filoux and I fell in love with your "about me" are we the same person? I have so many half finished projects I am embarassed to even mention anything new I start and sadly the only thing I am an expert at finishing is the bottle of wine (white tonight :) ) Have loved reading your blog and will be back.