Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mixer magic

Having spent far too long discussing our mixer requirements, we finally took the plunge and bought a Kenwood Prospero. We'd wanted a mixer for absolutely ages and hadn't included it on the wedding list due to a lack of space - but radical measures have taken place in the M household and our microwave has been popped into storage, leaving us with the perfect mixer space. If only we had thought of this when we were compiling the gift list.

Following said purchase, our oven decided to test us - so the lovely mixer has waited patiently in the perfect mixer space, gathering dust. Until, that is, we had a craving for pizza last weekend and we decided to go for it. Or rather Mr M did - as you can see from the pictures. I kept my hands clean by taking action shots.

I'm on a mission to make meringues this weekend with the balloon whisk attachment. It's all very, very exciting.


  1. How exciting - I hope you have lots of fun and lots of nice things to tell us about in the future.

    We're still waiting to get most of our wedding presents out of storage as we decided to wait until we'd had the new kitchen put in. Little did we know that it would take forever! x

  2. We bought a mixer this year too and it's amazing how fast you can get things done using these beauties!
    The only pain is cleaning the thing and the attachments after (lazy, I know!).
    Hope your meringue recipe goes well. I've got a glut of strawberries on my allotment at the moment so I'll be making some meringue too for making Eton mess. Yum!

  3. Congratulations on your new mixer! And isn't homemade pizza the best?!

    K x