Sunday, 19 June 2011

Laid low

I've had food poisoning for the last week and it is really becoming rather tedious. From an utterly sulky pants perspective, the timing couldn't have been worse as it was my birthday this weekend. The greatest of plans were scrapped with the promise that I can have my 'official' birthday next month. We still managed to have fun yesterday with my parents, sister and friends at the local dog show (we somehow ended up as judges), followed by cake back at ours (10 in our sitting room is most definitely the max). Mum made her chocolate fudge cake - my favourite and a staple through the years. I used to be packed off to University each term with a Tupperware box full of cake and would spend the first week eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ignoring my tum, I wolfed down a slice with a naughty glass of pink fizz, only to be reminded an hour or so later that if I thought cake was back on the menu I was very much mistaken. Back to toast and don't-rock-the-boat cuisine. *sigh*


  1. Poor you. Flat coke (put 1tsp of sugar in it to take out the bubbles) is great for scouring out your innards and replacing lost mineral salts arising from dodgy tums.

    Hope you're properly better soon

  2. Oh dear. Hope you're feeling better soon! (that cake does look very delish - shame you couldn't enjoy it)

  3. Oh, poor you! And I second flat coke.

    Get better soon.