Monday, 25 July 2011

Purple haze

We found ourselves in a garden centre at the weekend and were taken with how laden their flowers were with bees and hoverflies. It was so refreshing to see and prompted us to buy some colour for the green shady patch we lovingly call our garden. Sadly we couldn't take the honey bees with us - for they would have been mightily confused - but we did fill up the boot with purple and yellow loveliness.
I find the sound of bees going about their day incredibly calming. My grandfather was a bee keeper and kept hives in the garden. There was always a gentle hum in their garden. It's almost hypnotic watching a bee making its way around a flower laden plant.
We're relatively low on honey bees here, but have miner bees, hoverflies and big, lazy bumbles. Not quite as buzzing as the garden centre but certainly encouraging to see. I can't wait to have a sunny garden with bee friendly plants like verbena, scabious and lavender.

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