Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The WI calendar is taking shape

Not that sort of WI calendar! One with home baked cakes and recipes. We held a cake off last month at the pub. Being the rubbish WI committee member that I am*, I clearly wasn't paying attention and rocked up with my double choc chip cookies. Rather embarrassingly, I won - thanks to the barman who gave my cookies a whopping score right at the end. This was merely a temporary state, for I was humming 'we are the champions' by the time I got home to share the news with a rather WI-weary Mr M.

This evening at our monthly meeting, the winning cakes (and cookies) were eagerly baked again and lined up to be professionally photographed. All very exciting. Aga artistically prepared the shots with sprigs of this and sprinkles of that, then gave a little talk on how to achieve perfect photographs with point and shoot cameras. If that wasn't enough we then had a recipe swap followed by refreshments and cake devouring. A very good way to start the week, I think you'll agree.

*I really am dreadful, I'm surprised I haven't been booted off yet. I'm blaming it on the lack of a whizzy smartphone.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! Will we get to see the finished calendar on here? x

    PS: I've turned cakes into cookies before now...don't ask! x