Thursday, 9 February 2012

Giant oyster mushrooms - three ways

We bought three of these beauties at the market on Saturday and rather excitingly managed to buy everything we needed for dinner, including two chickens for £10, at the same time.

Meal 1 #
Five spice roast chicken with pak choi, cous cous and giant oyster mushroom gravy.

Meal 2 #
Giant oyster mushroom broth with spinach, chilli, red pepper, ginger and parsley.

Meal 3 and 4 #
Chicken pie with giant oyster mushroom, leek, cream and puff pastry.

Loving the fact that we managed to get four meals out of three mushrooms. Jolly good show if you ask me - and there's still a chicken in the freezer. Bravo to Mr M for being the wonderful chef that he is.


  1. I thought oyser mushrooms were dove grey - they look like Boletus to me. But never mind, so long as they were delicious...!

    1. They look very similar - how odd. The market was full of them. Either way - they were indeed v scrummy.

  2. All sound yum! I love mushrooms!!! xxx

    1. Me too - I never used to be a huge fan, but I can't get enough of them now. Garlic mushrooms on toast - divine! :)