Sunday, 19 February 2012

Overheard on Hungerford Bridge last week. I smiled all the way home.

Six years ago Mr M popped the question in Barcelona - my favourite place in the world. Putting the food poisoning (him) and Catalan rally to one side - it was intimate, on one knee and I was so taken aback that I don't really remember anything apart from the all important question and then floating on air. 

Three people announced their engagements at work last week. And that was just in our little department - we've got over 1,000 people in our office, I wonder how many more there were! It feels as though the air of uncertainty in the world is bringing people together.

What's more, it's a leap year so there are bound to be even more sparklers being purchased.

If you're thinking of doing the asking, here are some lovely ideas...
*  Great t-shirt messages - here, here or here.
*  My vintage heart just sings with this.
*  For those who rarely look up from their iPhone, how about this? They could then tweet all about it. 

How were you asked? Was it intimate or fanfare? How would you like to be asked? 

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  1. Mine was on an early morning walk on my birthday on a beautiful golden beach in Cape Verde. He made five women cry that day! With happiness, naturally!