Monday, 5 March 2012


There's something quite sing-song about the name 'Mimosa'. Having seen them appear each Spring in Marie Claire Idees, I've been keeping an eye out for them at the Embankment flower stand recently.

I bought a beautiful bouquet for a friend last week who was off on maternity leave - anemones, veronica and white roses. Simple and sweet. As I was paying, I spied some bunches of Mimosa in the corner, all packaged with care.

The bunch I bought has filled three vases. I'm not sure about their scent, but their vivid colour and polka dot zing has brightened up the room.

More Mimosa loveliness can be found here - wreath, necklace and cabinet


  1. I've never seen this growing in the UK but here in Ireland, we have one round the corner already flowering. A real sign that spring in on the way.

    1. I've not seen one either - but according to my lovely French colleague, there's one in West London opposite her house. The kerria japonica in our garden is starting to bloom - that and the daffs are always a sign that Spring is almost here...