Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day three - topiary

Eucalyptus and roses. A willow 'trunk' and moss. Oasis heavy with water to weigh it down. A little too heavy to have been carried across Hungerford Bridge to Waterloo and then home.

Getting the soaked oasis ball in the right position on the willow trunk and creating an even eucalyptus halo was harder than you'd think. And we were slightly thwarted with the best of everything being nabbed before we'd got to the buckets of flowers. I do love how courses can be such a comedy social experiment - people get very possessive about things.

The topiary tree is very sweet but I do prefer the free-form style of flower arranging. Takes away the stress of perfection - probably why I'm not so keen on contemporary flower design.


  1. It is stunning :)

  2. Sooo impressed by all your arrangements. Truly stunning. Have you thought about a future in floristry? K x

    1. You're too kind. If I can do it, anyone can do it! It's nice to daydream about running a flower shop from time to time...not sure I could do the early flower market mornings though!