Monday, 30 July 2012

Go Team GB!

This weekend the Olympics came to town! Whizzing over Kingston Bridge, Wiggo, his lamb chops and the rest of the peloton*. Talk about a lucky snap - all the rest are of the crowd or the last inch of a back wheel. Our voices hoarse, we dashed off to find a big screen and a beer to watch the final stretch. I must confess that we watched the women's race from the comfort of our squishy sofa on Sunday - nice and dry.

Next up - time trials. We've bagged a spot on Mr and Mrs B's balcony overlooking the course so will report back on Wednesday.

*I spent most of Saturday calling it a pentalon, which is slightly better than a pantaloon, although I may have at one point called it a pentagram. Mr M (an avid Tour de France follower) was getting a bit tutty with me...


  1. Oooh we were there too! And what a fab photo! Ours are rather a blur... K x

    1. Trust me - that was the best one! It was so much fun, wasn't it? Sadly we didn't stick around for the second chase pack - as we walked towards Steins we heard the roar of the crowd. x

  2. You did well to get such a good picture. I've hardly moved from the sofa here since the opening ceremony.