Sunday, 29 July 2012

London 2012 - it's finally here

It's all very exciting isn't it? I must admit that I haven't always felt that way. The first to roll the eyes at the mere mention of the Olympics. Greater London finishes just behind our flat and we're probably as far from the Olympic park as you can get. Working on the Strand, we scoffed when the papers told us to work from home. Mr M, a proper Londoner, has been a huge advocate from the start, whilst I've been a bit narky about our inflated council tax.

The closer we got though, the more I began to thaw.

First, we had the trial cycle race last year that went over Kingston Bridge. Then colleagues started to announce that they'd put themselves forward to volunteer for the Olympic Park. We ignored the ticket ballot knowing that we had the cycling. The clock at Trafalgar (made all the more brilliant by 2012) became part of my daily commute. Then they announced that we would get the Olympic torch. Next up, the Jubilee and then the Tour de France win. Waterloo got a massive face lift just in time for the Olympics. The roads were painted with funny circles and Boris made rousing speeches (and recorded an Olympic message that kicks in at Waterloo every so often). The momentum has just built and built.

And now it's here. And the grump has lifted. The Olympic torch went past the end of our road on Tuesday with a carnival fanfare, and then along the river on the Gloriana. And that opening ceremony. Danny Boyle - you are a genius. We were mesmerised. How better to highlight what puts the 'Great' into 'Britain'. Those rings and the lighting of the flame. The Queen and Mr Bean. Our hearts were in our mouths watching the cycling and I've found myself shouting 'come on' unexpectedly. What can I say? Go Team GB!

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