Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bathroom floor SOS

Thank you for your lovely comments. I thought you might like to see our first project - the bathroom floor.

There's something a bit icky about having carpet in the bathroom. The main bathroom is currently downstairs and is just big enough to twirl in, with the door shut. The en-suite toilet in the main bedroom has been fashioned out of a former cupboard. Both had grotty carpet - it even ran up and over the skirting boards in one.

Armed with a £40 offcut of vinyl flooring, Mr M ripped out the carpet, used the underlay as a template and quick as a flash, we had a sparkling new floor.

And what a difference it makes - the bathrooms feel bigger and are so much easier to clean!


  1. Clever mister - looks like a great improvement!

  2. Carpet up and over the skirting board?? That's a new one! The new floor looks great and will be so much more practical.

  3. Carpets in bathrooms and loos make me feel rather queasy. Mr M did a good job. What's next?

  4. Hurrah! Well done Mr M. With you on icky toilet carpets.
    Icky toilet carpet removal was the first bit of DIY we (Erm....I mean Mr C) did when we moved in. We've still not replaced it with anything though! Oops.