Sunday, 18 November 2012

Our new home

So we said goodbye to the garden flat on November 1st and set off to pastures new, with a surprisingly calm Miss P in a box on my lap and only a couple of gulped sobs on my part. All of 20 minutes down the road.
And we've quietly spent two heavenly weeks settling into our little cottage*, away from work, playing house - windows are now sparkling, cupboards are clean, the huge pile of boxes are gradually being reduced and we've discovered a brilliant Italian deli that sells the most amazing chocolate cannoli.

Obviously there have been the not so exciting discoveries - blocked drains, wasp nests, damp, no mobile signal...the usual. We've also had two weeks without broadband which has been interesting - I had to use the Yellow Pages for the first time in years. It was finally turned on yesterday - hoorah! Now, if T-Mobile could get their backsides into gear and give me more than 1 bar, life would be tickety-boo.
Miss P has been let out of the spare bedroom to potter around the house when we're in and alternates between being glued to the window or the radiator. I'm loving the stairs, the novelty of having carpet and how light a conservatory is - although without heating it is FREEZING. Our neighbours have been wonderfully welcoming, popping over with hyacinths and bunches of flowers.

We've got masses to do - the spreadsheet has hit 178 items - but we're in no rush. It's a project home - we'd never have been able to move to this neck of the woods if it had been perfect.

It feels like home already.

I feel like I've been away for ages - what have I missed?

*I say cottage, Mr M says house. Let's see who wins.


  1. Cottage sounds good to me. Look forward to hearing more of your adventures in your new home.

  2. So pleased you're in and are settling. Miss P looks quite at home already.

  3. Wishing you every happiness in your new home.

  4. I hope you're settling in well, the leaded light window looks lovely, can't wait to see more. I'd vote for "cottage"!

  5. Been wondering how the move went. Sounds like the three of you are making yourselves right at home.

  6. Hee hee! Reading this post has made me giggle. We too have recently moved into a new house and experienced 'the usual' as you put it (!). Blocked drains (ewww), damp, mouldy wardrobes, no internet and distasteful decor! No wasps for us though. Wishing you both much happiness in your new home.