Sunday, 13 January 2013

Toasty new boots

We're meant to be saving our pennies (and pounds) for the house. So I thought I'd share my new wellies with you. I love them. They've got tweed tops and a warm, fuzzy lining. Oh and were rather joyously in the Joules sale. Just perfect for pottering around the garden and frosty walks. And the Siberian front we're about to get. I've filled the bird feeders in anticipation.

Oh and I ended up with a grown up handbag from Kate Spade for work. Note - dreadful customer service = a bittersweet accessory that will only get me an annoying credit note if I take it back. Again. Will share that story some other time.

Right - my purse (and bittersweet handbag) needs to focus. House works only. Must not step foot into a shop that specialises in frippery.

Stay warm and upright, especially those over to the East!


  1. They are super and look so warm. Not much snow here in London...yet! x

  2. They are mighty fine, and practical too.